Can Men Wear Women’s UK Replica Watches? And If So: What, Where, And When? – Reprise

“Women’s replica watches for men” is bound to rustle some feathers and invite strong opinions; the former is something we don’t mind doing here at Quill & Pad, and the latter we truly welcome in our comments section below.

Here I want to explore if there are any women’s high quality replica watches that a man could wear, and by “wear” I mean wear with self-esteem intact and looking good while doing so!

The other way around is quite common: women sporting Rolex Submariners or Panerais are considered fashionable, and men wearing the same clone watch don’t seem to feel threatened in their manhood by it.

Reverse it and you get a completely different reaction, mainly from men.

A Chopard sales manager once confided in me as I was admiring one of the brand’s latest Chopard Imperiale fake watches with black leather strap that certain models in this line are split almost 50/50 between men and women who buy them for themselves to wear despite being marketed as part of the brand’s ladies’ collection.
One other fact came out of this discussion: not every reference of the few ladies’ copy watches for sale that do make the transition to a man’s wrist can go there. This often has something to do with color: the Imperiale is available in a version with pink sapphires and a purple strap in a 29 mm case, and it is those watches that obviously have a much harder time making the transition to the opposite sex than the stainless steel chronograph or even the versions set with diamonds.