Best Quality UK Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref 6119 & Patek Philippe Calatrava Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5236P

A new Patek Philippe Calatrava replica with the famous “Clous de Paris” bezel, and new hand wound movement joins the collection this year. The bezel is an icon in the industry, with the most prominent model being the Ref. 3919 introduced in 1985. It has a white dial and black lacquered Roman numerals that was produced for over 20 years.

The luxury copy Patek Philippe Calatrava series itself is a direct descendent of the celebrated Ref. 96 (30.5mm case diameter), to the Ref. 96D (D for decor) in 30.6mm to the Ref. 3919 (33.4mm) and now the Ref. 6119 is in a new size of 39mm case diameter. This new reference will be available in a rose gold and a white gold case.
The movement is the all new Caliber 30-255PS, which measures 30.4mm in diameter and a height of just 2.5mm. This larger diameter allows for a double barrel design and a higher power reserve of 65 hours. As with the new Patek calibers introduced recently, the C.30-355PS will have a stop seconds hacking mechanism.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5236P Fake With Blue Dial

Patek is well known for their Perpetual Calendar watches. And it is a pleasant surprise that this novelty is a new iteration of their creativity in this complications arena – an introduces their first wrist watch with an inline display of the day, date, month. This inline display is inspired by the manufacture’s pocket watch – the Ref. 725/4, which can be seen in the Patek Philippe Museum.
The case is currently only in platinum, with a diameter of 41.3 mm and a height of merely 11.07 mm. And the launch model has a blue dial with a black gradation to the periphery is adorned with a vertical satin finish. The in-line display shows the day, date and month in a panoramic aperture below the Patek Philippe logo, and makes the perpetual calendar display look very clean and easy to read.
This is an interesting perpetual calendar complication because it is a technical feat of miniaturization. As can be seen in the movement photograph below, the in-line system takes up the entire face of the movement. The customized module for the display itself has 3 patent applications. And relies on four disks, of which two are for the date, all arranged in a single level. This system consists of 118 parts on its own.

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